Own an HVAC Service Company? Get Rid of Paperwork Now

Electronic HVAC forms for heating and cooling business can make office work much easier and more organized, and the documents can improve your business. These documents can take the confusion out of orders when your staff members have flawed handwriting, and all your business documents are automatically filed and organized on an online server. Here are some of the perks you’ll notice when you enroll in a program with electronic HVAC forms and documents.

Have More Control

When you can see what invoices were created each day, what parts were ordered, and how many service hours were billed, it’s easier to have control of your business. When electronic forms are created and submitted it allows you to go through all the documents no matter where you are, and you have the control to make changes, get in touch with the employee, and to get what’s needed for your business.

Easier Billing

As the electronic HVAC forms are filled out, the customer’s email address should be included on the document. This allows the system to update and send a bill to the customer when needed. This makes getting paid easier, and it saves you the money you would have to pay to print and mail a bill the traditional way. If you offer online payments, it’s easy for people to pay their bill online and for you to get the money quickly. You also always have digital a copy of all invoices that were created during the year.

Improve Productivity

With codes and auto spelling features, the employees are able to fill out their electronic forms quickly. This reduces the amount of time they have to spend looking up part numbers, looking up billing costs, and hand writing out receipts. They can easily fill out the electronic documents they need and then hurry to get to the next job.

For you to take advantage of the electric HVAC forms for your heating and cooling business, each of your employees much have a smart phone, tablet or some type of laptop to use. These devices need to have the software that’s required, and then they will send the documents or information online. They don’t need to have Internet access at all times, but they’ll have to connect to Wi-Fi at least once a day to submit all their electronic forms to you, so the documents are loaded and stored on your company server. More resources can be found at the ProntoForms blog.

How Shrink Film Manufacturing Processes Support Several Key Industry Uses

Used primarily to secure the contents of pallets prior to transportation and storage, the chemical discovery that led to stretch film is nearly 100 years old. The plastic film is also used in packaging, protecting smaller items during shipping.

Chemical Composition: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Stretch wrap is manufactured from linear low-density polyethylene and should not be confused with shrink wrap, which is a slightly different version of the low density polyethylene, possessing different stretch properties and having heat-activated shrink characteristics. The low-density polyethylene is extremely resistant to chemical reactions with many common substances, increasing its attractiveness for use in storage applications.

Multi-Industry Useful Properties

It is widely used in North American manufacturing, construction and warehousing. Being puncture resistant, providing shielding from ultraviolet light and being non-reactive with many corrosive compounds are factors that make stretch wrap an ideal choice for use with pallet loads that can be exposed to the harsh storage environments in warehouses and at construction sites.

Film Characteristics from Manufacturing Process

Stretch wrap comes in different grades of thicknesses having a range of between 37 gauge and a max film gauge of 150. There are two primary stretch film manufacturing techniques that result in different tear-resistant and load-securing properties.

  • Blown Stretch Process

Blown stretch wrap is created using the blow extrusion manufacturing process. This technique creates a high quality wrap possessing strong resistance to tears. It also has “memory” properties that maintain its cohesiveness of the load it is used to secure.

  • Cast Stretch Process

Cast stretch wrap is created by the cast extrusion process. It is less expensive than its blown stretch counterpart. However, it does not posses the tear resistance or securing properties of the blown process films.

Hybrid Types

Hybrid film is a newer cost efficient variety of the wrap that is manufactured using a process that replaces petroleum with very strong resins. Its layered construction gives the wrap comparable strength to standard stretch wrap for securing loads up to 1800 pounds.

Additional Types

There are other specialized types of stretch film such as the opaque variety, that is used in environments requiring extra protection to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Micron film provides the benefits of both standard stretch wrap and hybrid film. It is manufactured using a layered process making it resistant to tears and having cohesion properties comparable to regular stretch wrap.


Stretch film is widely used in manufacturing for shipment packaging and pallet wrapping applications. The wrap’s strength and resistance to tears is determined by the manufacturing process used in its creation. North American estimates place the market for the wrap at approximately $3 billion. Demand for new applications drives innovations in manufacturing processes creating specialized versions of the film. You may be interested in the Malpack Ltd website if you would like more information.

Finding Trucking Companies That Offer More Flexible Shipping and Freight Services

Seeking out trucking companies that may be able to offer more flexible service arrangements can ensure that businesses are able to create and implement shipping and distribution processes that may be better suited to their specific needs. The logistics of using third-party freight services to ship and transport merchandise, goods and finished products may be far more difficult to manage for organizations that choose to do business with a transportation company that offers limited scheduling or rates that may be less than competitive. Making transport arrangements with the right Canadian trucking company ensures that businesses will be better able to adapt new situations with greater ease and efficiency.

Finding Freight Services That Offer Superior Convenience

Trucking companies may differ considerably in terms of their pick-up, collection and delivery schedules. Businesses who fail to take the logistics of a shipping process into account may soon find themselves faced with bottlenecks, costly delays or falling levels of customer satisfaction. The secluding options, frequency and overall level of convenience that a transportation company is able to offer its clients should all be considered carefully before selecting a service provider. Building a distribution process around the limited range of services and solutions provided by a lesser Canadian trucking company could wind up being a very expensive mistake.

Cost-effective Transportation Arrangements

Shipping costs and transport rates can easily become a major expense, especially for manufacturers and merchants who typically ship frequently or who may deal with bulk orders. The overall cost of freight services can differ depending on the transportation company being utilized. Trucking companies that may offer more affordable rates and competitive pricing may allow businesses to reduce their operational costs. Ensuring that overhead expenses do not get out of hand is never an issue that should be left to chance and the time and effort needed to shop around in order to find the most affordable Canadian trucking company can often be well worth it.

Working With the Right Transportation Service

Knowing more about the services and solutions that various trucking companies are able to provide can ensure that prospective clients are able to make more informed decisions regarding their shipping and transport needs. Comparing the logistics and details of different freight services can turn up many options that businesses might have otherwise overlooked. Finding a transportation company that may be able to offer the best deal or greatest value on their services can help to ensure that businesses are able to enjoy the full range of benefits that a more flexible and effective distribution process may provide. You may be interested in Fortigo Freight Services if you want more information.

Three Things to Think About Before You Buy Video Equipment for Business Security

Investing in commercial security systems is a great way to enhance business security on your property. Commercial alarm systems can be used to deter crime, to lower business insurance rates and even to identify and prosecute criminals who have targeted your business for their activities. Many security alarms used for business security have video capabilities, and you may be thinking about investing in a video camera or a full set of cameras for use on your property. Before you take this step, explore these points with care so that you make the best decision for your business.

How the Video Footage Will Be Monitored
Video footage must either be monitored or recorded, and ideally, both services will be provided. Commercial security systems that record video can be viewed later after a crime has occurred. On the other hand, video footage that is monitored by a live professional can be used to catch a criminal in the act. While both can deter crime, one requires you to pay a staff member to monitor the video cameras at all times, and there is cost associated with this.

If the Cameras Have Great Image Quality
If you have seen video footage of crimes in progress on the news in the past, you may have been less than impressed by the quality of the video images that were captured. In some cases, you may have barely been able to make out what the perpetrator was wearing, and identifying facial features may have been impossible. Poor image quality makes cameras fairly worthless when trying to identify and prosecute criminals after the fact. Therefore, pay attention to image quality when making a buying decision.

If the Cameras Capture Sound
The capabilities of different types of video equipment vary. Some equipment, for example, only captures grainy, black and white images without sound. Other equipment may capture high-quality images in full color with sound. Sound is a great feature to have when there are two or more criminals, and this is because you may hear them mention their names, the type of car they are driving, where they are headed or other identifying details. In addition, some voices are distinct, and this can be used to help identify an individual after a crime has been committed.

If you are searching for video equipment for use with your commercial alarm system, pay attention to the features, capabilities and overall quality of the equipment. In addition, focus on whether the video can be recorded for later viewing or if it must be monitored live. These points will help to guide you into making a thoughtful buying decision. If you would like to learn more, the Chubb Edwards website is a helpful source for information.

Starting Your Ice Cream Parlor

Starting an ice cream parlor can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. Some very successful shops resell ice cream purchased from large manufacturers. They may specialize in toppings, cone variations or other novelty items. Others sell store-make ice cream with both popular and custom flavors. Regardless of the type of establishment, commercial grade restaurant equipment will be necessary.

Deciding What to Sell

The first step in determining what type of restaurant equipment you will need is making a decision on what you will sell. If you will be reselling, a high quality commercial freezer and dipping cabinet will be necessary. If you plan to make your own ice cream, a high quality batch freezer will also be needed. Many ice cream parlors also sell coffee, sandwiches or other desserts. If your plan is to have these items on the menu, the proper commercial equipment will be needed. Contact professional from a commercial kitchen equipment company to plan your purchase.

Equipping the Kitchen

In addition to purchasing equipment, you will need to develop plans to construct the kitchen and service area. It is important to get the measurements and power and water requirements for all of your restaurant equipment. A properly planned kitchen will make your life much easier and save on prep and service time. Keep in mind that health and safety regulations will require specific items and that these need to be considered throughout the planning process. Check with your local authority to find out more.

Ice Cream Supplies

Finding a restaurant supply store that handles the items you need to make and serve ice cream will be relatively simple. Most major restaurant suppliers carry the most popular items that you will need. There are some specialty items such as exotic flavors, ice cream mix and some paper products that you may need to get from an ice cream specialty supplier. Generally, it is more economical to purchase the bulk of your restaurant supplies from the same restaurant supply store. The ability to purchase in bulk or to bundle your purchases will usually result in lower costs.

No matter where you live, good quality ice cream and its accompaniments are sure to be neighborhood favorites. Outfitting your kitchen with the right commercial kitchen equipment will get you off to the right foot and help insure your business against breakdown due to overuse. The Nella Cutlery and Food Equipment Inc website provides a collection of online resources and information that may interest you.

Helpful Tips to Identify When to Upgrade Your Leak Detection Equipment

FlexPak leak detection equipment is used to ensure that product packaging is airtight as intended. This can impact everything from customer satisfaction and the number of returns your company has to liability and more. As beneficial as this type of equipment is for manufacturers of packages to use, there are a wide range of equipment models to choose from. Many businesses may currently be using a very inexpensive model with limited features and capabilities, and others may be using older equipment that lacks the benefits provided by modern features. You may be wondering when the time is right to upgrade your leak detection equipment, and you can use these helpful tips to guide your decision-making process.


Review the Features and Functionality of Modern Equipment
Before you make the decision to upgrade your leak detection equipment, it is important to learn more about the current models available. Modern equipment has several common testing methods, including the bubble test, infrared testing and more. Some models require your team to constantly monitor the equipment, and others will alert you if a leak is detected. These are just a few of the many differences you will find in different features of the top leak detection equipment on the market today.


Understand the Reliability of Top Models
If you are using cheaper equipment or older equipment, you may understandably be concerned about its reliability. Some equipment, for example, may have worn out components that continue to break. Many of today’s models are designed to withstand regular, frequent use, and some come with a warranty. You may have fewer repair issues with a newer model, and any issues that do arise may be covered by the warranty to keep operational costs to a minimum.


Focus on Current Leak Concerns and Expenses
Another important step to take before you make an upgrade is to focus on your reasons for considering the upgrade in the first place. For example, you may have current leak concerns, or the cost of repairs for your older equipment may be high. While there may be significant reasons for you to make an upgrade, you need to weigh these concerns about the reliability and beneficial features found in newer models to determine if now is the right time to make an upgrade.

It is necessary to upgrade leak detection equipment periodically. This allows you to benefit from the latest technology in leak detection as well as to decrease liability and other financial costs associated with operating an outdated machine. If you are thinking about making an upgrade soon, walk through each of these steps to make a wise decision that will benefit your business. For more information visit FlexPak.

How to Find a Trustworthy Courier to Use for Regular Shipping Needs

Courier services are a wonderful alternative to the use of delivery services from some of the large shipping companies that you may be most familiar with. They often provide you with local or statewide delivery services, and many courier rates are highly competitive. In fact, in many cases, you can save money using local courier services rather than service from a large shipping company for localized delivery needs. Whether you are looking for a company to fill an individual or a small business shipping need, you may be wondering what to look for in a trustworthy courier. In addition to comparing courier rates to find the most cost-effective services available, you may also take these additional steps when making a decision about who to hire for your current delivery needs.

The Service Area
One of the first things to look at after comparing courier rates between different providers is the service area that the company works within. Some couriers only provide very localized service to a specific city or town, and others may venture to some or all of the suburbs in that town. Still others may provide state-wide service, and this is particularly true if you live in one of the smaller states. Ensure that the courier you select to use will meet most or all of your regular shipping needs.

The Reputation of the Delivery Company
After you have narrowed down your options based on cost and service area, focus your attention on the reputation of the delivery company. Read online review sites to determine if most people generally had a positive or negative experience when dealing with the company. Look for comments related to the speed of service, the friendliness of the couriers and how timely the delivery and pickup were.

A Guaranteed Delivery Time
In many cases, those who are interested in using courier services need to have a package delivered by a certain time. For example, if you have small business shipping needs that require you to deliver a package to another business before the close of business today, timing may be critical. Some of the top services provide you with a specific time frame for delivery with guaranteed results. For example, if you submit your order by a certain time this afternoon, you may expect the package to be delivered before the close of business today.

While you may want to spend time and energy searching for the right company to use for courier services today, you can continue to use that same company for all of your future local shipping needs. Spending time focusing on making a great selection today can pay off for many months or years of future delivery services. You can learn additional information at Flagship Courier Solutions.

How the Right Industrial Doors Can Save Your Business Money

When you think about working with an industrial door company to purchase new doors for your facility, the last thing you may think about is saving money. After all, you will need to pay for the purchase of the industrial doors as well as the installation cost. However, after you pay for these initial upfront costs, the reality is that the right industrial doors can save your business money in several important ways for years to come. As you shop around for the right doors to purchase and which company to purchase them from, focus on these points.

Energy Efficiency Benefits
Some industrial venues are not heated and cooled inside, but many are. Even those that do not have climate control capabilities in a warehouse may have climate controls in an attached office. When you invest in insulated industrial doors, you can better maintain the climate in your facility. These are doors that are weatherized on the main surface of the doors, and they often have an additional buffer or seal around the perimeter of the door for added benefit. You may notice that your heating and cooling expenses decline after your new doors are installed. Look for doors with the best weatherization features for the maximum impact from this benefit.

Security Enhancements
Some exterior doors can enhance the security on your industrial property, and this can decrease your need to pay for additional security personnel or to have expensive security equipment installed. Some of the most secure doors are made out of steel and have solid locking mechanisms. These are extremely difficult for criminals to break into, providing maximum security to your facility. A related benefit may be reduced insurance claims or lower insurance rates.

Reduced Repair Needs
Many industrial doors use automatic door openers, and the unfortunate result is that you may need to pay for overhead door services periodically. When you choose the right type of door, your need for services may be diminished. For example, an aluminum door may have a lightweight that places less strain on the opener. In addition, service door industries products often come with a warranty, and this means that any repair issues that develop within the first few years may be covered by the warranty.

Investing in new industrial doors is a great way to improve everything from the look of your venue to the functionality of your operations, energy efficiency, security and more. Many of these factors have a financial component to them, providing you with great savings opportunities. As you explore the different door styles and materials, keep these advantages in mind to maximize the savings available with a smart buying decision. For all your industrial door needs, visit Wilcox Door Service Inc.

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Why Maintenance is Key to Reaping the Effectiveness of The Allis-Chalmers Pumps

You have a variety to pick from Allis Chalmers pumps, with each serving distinct roles.The axial flow pumps and the vertical columns, are hydraulic pumps used for flood control, irrigation and water supply, pumping about half a million gallons per minute (GMP). The non-clog centrifugal pumps are used for vertical or horizontal mounting of up to 100 000 GMP. The axially split-case pumps are used for vertical or horizontal mounts of up to 110 000 GMP.

Besides, the vortex centrifugal Whirl-Flo pumps have the capacity of passing passport size solids, enhancing clog free pumping of up to 2 400 GMP. The Trash Hog pumps are solid handling, self-priming pumps that lift to about 28 feet with capacities of up to 6 000 GPM. To get the most of these pumps you need to ensure that the pump parts are well maintained, which requires sound installation set on a good foundation and a robust baseplate installation.

Sound Installation

In most cases, the problems experienced in the form of shaft breakages, difficult alignment of the units and the breakage of pumps and motor bearings arise from inappropriate installation of the pumps. Accordingly, you need to ensure that the foundation space is adequate for the pumping equipment. Inadequate foundation space is the cause of twisted or bent baseplates or excessive strain on the pipes, which hinders the efficient operationalization of the pumping equipment.

Your foundation should also be heavy enough so that it can provide the pump, the motor and base combination with a rigid support. This goes a long way in resisting the normal forces that are encountered once the pumping unit is up and running. A concrete floor that is solidly attached to a well-designed floor system is ideal for the pumping system. You should, however, avoid wooden floors that are unsupported or with thin concrete padding. Most pump distributors or pump packing experts will provide you with advice on the best foundation unto which to install your pump system.

A Robust Baseplate Installation

You need to ensure that the pump and drivers are re-aligned before the final grouting of the pump’s baseplate. You may miss this crucial information on the pump packaging. However, take note that even though the pumping unit may be aligned at the factor before shipment, its component parts tend to shift while they are in transit or during handling or due to uneven foundation surfaces. Therefore, you need to re-adjust the baseplate to the necessary level and provide the pump with a flat surface for its drivers to rest.

Bottom Line

The effectiveness of the Allis-Chalmers pumps have made them a recognized brand across the world. The pumps are a recognized brand in North and South Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Like other hydraulic pump models, proper maintenance of the pumps is very crucial to make the most of their utility.

Uses of Industrial Filters in Canada

Industrial filters are equipment used in the separation of solids from fluids (both liquids and gases. They provide a medium that the fluid passes through leaving the solids in the filter. The residential and industrial areas are the primary users of industrial filters. Among the industries that carry out industrial filtration include food and beverage, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and others. Canada has set regulations in the manufacturing sector that seek to keep all the products free from contamination.

Types of Industrial Filters

Various types of filters play different roles in making the conditions safe in the workplace. They come in different shapes and sizes. The most common filters used include:

  1. Air Filters– they are one of the most common filters used in the factories, homes, construction sites, and hospitals. Industries use them in the filtration of the gases, odors, and air in companies. They allow clean air to pass while stopping dust particles and odors from penetrating.
  2. Panel filters– the shape and size of these filters depend on their application. Panel-shaped filters are common on the inside ventilations and other air conditioning units.
  3. Cartridge filters- they use the sifting method to separate the harmful impurities and solid materials from the fluid. The advanced models also remove the microscopic toxic elements on liquids.
  4. Hydraulic filters– the filter is used in purification of petroleum based products and oil. Some models also purify oil-based fluids. Oil contaminants can easily cause a breakdown of machines and that’s why the industrial filtration is necessary.
  5. Gas filters– used in the removal of contaminants in a liquid or dry gas stream. The companies employ a combination of gas filter separators, gas scrubbers, and coalescers in the industrial filtration of the gas.
  6. Multimedia filters– the filters remove sediments that are in the 10-micron range and below using multiple layers of anthracite, sand, and garnet.
  7. Bag filters– these are the most commonly used filters in the industrial filtration process. Manufacturers use them in the removal of large solid particles in ink, paint strainers, and coolants. Filtration involves running the liquid through the bag and the liquid passes through while the solids remain in the bag. The porosity in the bags varies depending on the item of filtration. Companies should change the bag filter frequently to avoid contamination and increase their efficiency.

Uses of Industrial Filters

• The industrial filters help in keeping the air safe and prevent the spread of germs or infections.

• The filter used in cleaning water makes it fit for human consumption.

• Industrial filtration in paints ensures that it is smooth while applied to vehicles and walls.

• Grease filters utilized in kitchens prevent the build up that would lead to fires.